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Sausage Dog Club Picnic

Seen as we have had a few bigger walks the past few meets i thought it would be nice to have more of a social this time. What better way than to have a sausage dog picnic! We have a few new puppies join the club so it will be a good opportunity for them to meet everyone and not have to walk soo far! 

If everyone parks to the far right of the lansdown park and ride rather than by the club house, so i can lead the walk from that side and we can all meet in one place. 

We will take a shot walk across the playing feilds where we can lay down our picnic blankets and let the sausages have a play! 

Please bring a blanket and a picnic if you would like to join in ,but if not then you are welcome to just come along for the walk and social. 

Please feel free to bring a doggie picnic too! 

lets hope its a nice day for us!


Meeting Point Address 

Lansdown Park and Ride, Bath  Ba19bj

Please ring me if you are unsure of where it is so i can give you directions.