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S.D.C Christmas Walk

The walk this Sunday will be taking place at Bushy Norwood by the Bath university , Claverton down. We did the walk right at the beginning of the year, so some of you may be familiar with the walk already. 

We will be meeting in the east car park this time , which is right next to the start of the walk. If you drive right into the university and follow the signs for east car park, you will find plenty of parking for you all. On a Sunday you can park there for free and also park in any of the permit holders only parking so park anywhere you like in the east car park. 

The walk is flat and and grassy not too muddy which is why i have chosen it, as all the other walks were too muddy. There are cows on the common at the moment, so depending on where they are in the field will depend on the route we take on the day, but i will aim for it to be an hour long walk. 

The walk is suitable for all ages of dogs and humans, but puppies might need to be carried for some of the walk as we will be walking for a full hour. 

I cant wait to see all the sausages in their christmas outfits i will have a prize for the best dressed!! 

We look forwards to seeing you all there ,those of you that can make it.

Please wear suitable footwear and wrap up warm! 

L.F.R x

Please arrive 15 mins prior to walk as we will set off on the walk at 11am. 

University of Bath
Claverton Down
United Kingdom 

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Sausage Dog Club Autumn Walk

Our autumn walk we be held at the beautiful Nation Trust  woodland, Leigh Woods  in Bristol. 

Now we are doing the walks on a seasonal basis, i thought a
woodland walk would be best suited for next months autumnal meet. The walk will take us on a nice easy loop walk through Leigh woods, following the purple route. There is a coffee van there with cake and hot drinks on offer in the car park at the end!  

I have chosen a route which is all flat so would be suitable for a buggy or wheelchair . There are lots of nice open spaces within the woodland for the dogs to run free, however there are areas that we will be walking on paths so please put your dog on a lead if they have a tendancy to wander off and loose sight of you at these points. The woodland is huge and there are soo many lovely smells and areas the sausages will love to explor. 

There may be areas that are slihtly muddy so please wear sensible footwear. 

The walk will start at 10.30 so please arrive 15min early to make sure we have everyone with us before setting off. 

We will be meeting in the forest commisionry carpark where there is plenty of parking for you all. The main entrance is opposit clifton collage sports ground off Abbots Leigh road. 

Adress : Leigh Woods , Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QE

We are looking forwards to seeing lots of you there and hearing all about your summer sausagey adventuers. 

Any questions or quierys about the walk as always please just ask

Lauren, Frank and Ronnie x

For more info of the location and woodland please follow the link below.

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Sausage Dog Club Summer Walk

For our SDC summer walk we will be exploring the beautiful National Trust meadows on Bathwick Hill. We will be meeting at 10.30 by the bus stop , at the entrance opposite Clevland walk . The entrance is clearly marked with a big green National Trust sighn and is on your right handside if you are going up Bathwick hill and is the first entrance you come to. 

The walk is a circular walk and will be comleted in about 1hr. There are parts of the walk that are on a slight slop due to it being on a hill so not a suitable walk for buggys, wheel chairs or elderly members. 

Its a beautiful spot with some amazing veiws of Bath and walk we havnt done before so we are looking forwards to shairng it with you all. 

PARKING: Alot of the parking on Bathwick hill is permit holders only so please check where you are parking. There is plenty of parking on Cleveland walk, St Annes way or on the main Bathwick hill on the right outside St Patrics court and up from Darlington place ,it is all 2 hrs no retern. 

If you are planning to stay in Bath for longer and head into town after the walk, then there is all day parking at St Marys church on the roundabout at the base of Bath wick hill and P&D paking on Pultney Rd (south) A36 that you can park for longer, but is a 10-15 min walk up the hill to the start of the walk . 

There is a busy bus route through bathwick hill up to yh university of Bath so You can also park in town and catch either of the Bath uni buses and get off at the bottom of Bathwick hill. 

Any questions or quieries about the walk please get in touch with Hannah by email at, , she will be very happy to answer any questions about the walk you may have . 

Cant wait to see lots of you there lets keep our fingers and paws crossed for some sunshine for our summer walk! 

Lauren, Frank and Ronnie x

Bathwick Hill, Bath, Ba26jy

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Sausage Dog Club June Walk!

Next months walk will be held at the Bath Racecourse on Lansdown. For those of you not familiar with the walk, its a lovely flat wallk with lots of open space, so it will be alot easier for us to spread out and not lose any sausages this time! 

I did have a couple of new walks in the pipeline, but sadly its not been as easy as i thought and i have come up against a few problems due of the amount of people and dogs that are now attending. There is alot more organising and planning in the preperation for the walks now, so please bare with me. I will have some new walks coming up over the next few months, its just taking me a bit longer now. So this time we will stick with a local one and a walk we all love! 

Parking will be avilable in the racecourse, so If you drive into the main entrance and follow the road till you get to the main building, we will all be meeting there . My mum or one of our volunteers will be going around with our donation tin at the start for the Red Foundation too! 

Please arrive 15 mins prior to the walk as we will be setting off at 11am so try not to be late! 

The walk will be 1 hr long with a short pit stop in the middle. 

Although the walk is flat and access would be easy for anyone with push chairs or wheel chairs, im not sure it would be ideal for you, as the walk is all grass rather than paths. However if you do have a wheel chair or pushchair that is fine on that kind of terrain then access to the walk would be easy for you join us. 

If we have the same amount of numbers attending the walk, please can everyone try to spread out and keep your dog on a lead untill we are in open space and it is safe. This is so we dont have the same problem as last time and lose any sausages so we can make the walk enjoyable and safe for everyone. 

As always if anyone would like any more info about the walk i havent included, please drop me an email and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Looking forwards to seeing you all again for another sausagey social! 

L.F.R     Link to directions

Address :Bath Racecourse, Lansdown, Bath, BA1 9BU


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Sausage Dog Club May Meet



Bath Clinic ,Claverton Down Rd, Bath BA2 7BR. 

Its been a while since we have done Rainbow woods and now we have lots of new members i thought it would be a lovely walk to introduce to everyone. 

There is only a few designated parking spaces for this walk at the main entrance, but there is parking on the main Claverton down road either side of the entrance or there is also plenty of parking down Shaft road which is directly opposite the main entrance. Shaft road is a residential area, so if you are parking down there, please respect the residence and make sure you park so there is enough space for other cars to pass down the lane as its quiet narrow in places. 

If you are unsure of where the main entrance is, as there are a few entrances along this road , it is directly opposite Shaft Road and there is a pelican crossing leading to the entrance. Once you have crossed the crossing, go through the gates to the start of the walk which is where we will all be meeting. My Mum will be there with the SDC donation tin collecting your £1 for our charity of the year. 

The Claverton down road is a busy road so just to be safe, i would keep all dogs on the lead at the meeting point untill we have set off on our walk and further away from the entrance and road. 

The walk is another part of the National Trust ,Bath skyline walk and is usually a large circular walk but iv planned a shorter route that we will loop back round half way for people who dont want to do the whole loop, but there is the option to make the walk longer if you would like. 

I always like to have a little pit stop half way for a group photo and watch the sausages have a little run around and play, so if the weather good feel free to bring a blanket and little drink or snack!

As always if you want to know any more details about the walk please dont hesitate to get in touch and ask me. 

fingers and paws crossed for more beautiful sunshine like our last meet.

Looking forwards to seeing lots of new and our regular sausages there! 


Meet time: 11am .....set of on walk 11.10am

Walk time: 1 hr 30mins (this includes a pit stop so not walking for an hour and a half)

Adress for LOCATION:

Shaft Rd
Combe Down

This postcode might take you further down shaft road ,but you will need to park at the start, so dont get confused and follow it all the way to the end destination. If you pass Oldfield rugby club you have gone to far. Its just to give you a point of reference for where the walk entrance is on the main Claverton down road, as its quiet a long road.

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Sausage Dog Club 2nd Year Anniversary Walk!

To Celebrate 2 years of our Sausage Dog Club Bath ,we will be holding the next  social like we did last year, in the Royal Victoria Park, Bath.

We will be meeting where it all started, on the grass in front of the Royal Crescent at 11am on the 2nd of April. Once we have got everyone there, taken some photos and let the sausages have a play we will take a short walk over the main bit of the park. The event will be about an hour and a half long (weather permitted) but feel free to pop in and join the fun for as long as you want.  

The walk will be very small and suitable for all ages of Dachshunds and their humans. We do usually like to do a bit more of a walk ,but this meet will be more about marking the occasion and celebrating all our lovely sausage dog members. 

There is lots of parking available around the park which is P&D, or there is also Charlotte street car park which is very close to where we will meet. 

I have arranged a photographer to come to get some lovely photos and we do also have the local paper and radio station coming along, so make sure your sausages are dressed to impress. 

The SDC is a walk for Dachshunds only, but i appreciate some people do have another dog of a different breed that they may want to bring along, so although we prefer just Sausages to come, if you do have to bring a different breed  all i ask is that you keep them on a lead.  

Im hoping this will be our biggest gathering yet so, i cant wait to see how many will turn up. 


Any questions about the event please feel free to get in touch and i will be happy to help. 

See you all on the 2nd of April! 

Lauren, Frank and Ronnie x



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No March walk

Due to Houndbound being very busy this month, im afraid i dont have the time to arrange a walk for March. The next walk will be our 2nd year anniversary walk in the park, which will be a big one so make sure you all put the date in your diaries.

many thanks

Lauren, Frank and Ronnie x 

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Sausage Dog Club, Happy New year walk....

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you have a lovely break!!! 

So because i was away at the begging of the month, we will be doing our new year walk on the 4th of Feb. 
Because we didn't get to do the Bushy Norwood walk i had planned before Christmas, i thought we could try that one again. 

We will be meeting on the grass at the top of playing field on Norwood Avenue, which is on your right when you approach the main entrance of the Bath University. 
For those of you that know where the Cats and Dogs home is there is usually quiet bit of parking down that little lane( The Avenue) , but there is also pay and display parking within the university. There are two P&D carparks one directly to the right and then one a little bit further in on your left when you first go through in to the university. 

I always try to get there 20mins early so as long as you make your way to the Bath university by 11am I'm sure you won't miss us with all waiting with the sausages! 

The walk is on a big common, so nice and flat and a great big stretch for the dogs to run. The walk is part of the National Trust, Bath skyline, so there is always lots of foot traffic, so I'm sure its quiet muddy in places so wear Wellies! 

The walk will be roughly an hour long, but please if everyone can arrive by 11.10 at the latest as we will set off by quarter past the hour.  

As always any questions before hand please get in touch! 

Looking forwards to catching up with you after a little break and hope the weather is good to us that weekend. 

L,F,R x


Walk Address: This post code will take you to the university where our walk will start. 

University of Bath
Claverton Down
United Kingdom

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3:30 PM15:30

Sausage Dog Club Christmas Walk

As we wont be doing a walk in November i have planned a really nice christmas walk for us all. 

The parking will be pay and display in the Bath university at Calverton down. If you turn down Norwood Ave off Calverton down road towards the university and enter the campus, there is a small car park directly to your right past the bus stop or if you continue on a bit further into the site there is another pay and display on your left which is a bit bigger. There are also some spaces available on the little road " the Avenue" leading down towards Bath cats and dogs home .

I had Originally said to meet outside the cats and dogs home, but due to so many people and dogs attending, i think it would be safer for us to meet on the right hand side of the main entrance on the grass, at the edge of the sports field. We can then make are way to the walk from there, once everyone has arrived.

The meeting time is 11.00 but i always wait till quarter past to start the walk ,to give everyone a chance to arrive. If you are any later than that time we will have to start with out you I'm afraid sorry. The walk is about 45 mins long and on the flat so perfect for all ages. I plan to stop half way for a mice pie and a mulled wine and will be a good opportunity to get a good christmas photo of us all!

I will also have a collection box that for this walk i would love for everyone who comes to make a donation . I will be delivering it straight to the bath cats and dogs home after our walk.

The walk is called Bushynorwod, which is part of the Bath skyline walk and is a beautiful flat circular walk! 

I am hoping to see lots of sausages wearing something festive for this walk! There will be a prize for best dressed sausage! 

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Sausage Dog Club October Walk

Its been a while since we have been for a walk up on the racecourse and a nice easy one for everyone! With the weather getting a bit wetter, places have started to get quiet muddy so i thought it would be a safe bet, with lots of grass and a nice open space for our little friends. 

Meeting point will be in the Blaithwayt pub car park. 

The pub is very dog friendly and welcomed us all in last time for a drink after, so for those who would like to stop after the walk they can. 

The walk is a circular, flat, walk around the perimeter of the race course and will take about an hour. 

People bringing puppies, i would suggest joining us for half of the walk and meet us back at the pub after, as it may be a bit long for their little legs. There is a shorter loop that you guys can do. 

fingerscrossed we get some dry weather that day! 

Hopefully will see lots of you there .

Lauren, Frank and Ronnie x

The Blathwayt Arms




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2:30 AM02:30

Sausages at Shear Water ! PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME 2.30 MEET!

For his months meet i thought it would be nice to take another little trip out of Bath so we will be walking at Shearwater Lake. I have planned a smaller circular walk which would take us about an hour in total. So if we all park and meet at the Shear water lake carpark ,which is directly opposite the little tea rooms there. 

The walk starts around the lake where you must keep the dogs on lead. We then take a turning up into the forest where we can let the hounds off lead. We follow a little woodland path ,that does a loop round back on itself, where we then walk back along the lake side to the tearooms for some well deserved cake!

The walk is mainly flat, but there is a few small uphill parts. The walk is pushchair friendly to a point, but not so easy when we walk up into the forest. There were areas that were a bit muddy too so i would suggest to wear sensible footwear. 

There is a point of the walk that people with puppies or older dogs who don't want to walk the whole way, can wait at and we can meet you back there when we have lopped round. There is a nice little running stream there for the dogs to paddle in and good fun if they like a swim too! 

There is lots of parking, but does get busy at the weekends, so please do try and lift share and come in as little cars as possible incase its a nice day and super busy. 

As always if anyone wants to know anything else about the location ect then please just ask.


Directions to the Lake, follow the A36 out of Bath towards Longleat, Warminster. At the longleat roundabout i take the 3rd exit on to the A350 towards Longleate and Centre Parkland take the first left. Follow the lane all the way to Crokerton and turn right onto Clay street by the Bath Arms Crokerton. Follow that road for another 5 minuets and you will get to Shearwater Lake, you can miss it. The car park is directly on your left opposite the entrance to the Lake. There is also a little thatched cottage you can look out for.

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12:00 PM12:00

Sausage Dog Club Picnic

Seen as we have had a few bigger walks the past few meets i thought it would be nice to have more of a social this time. What better way than to have a sausage dog picnic! We have a few new puppies join the club so it will be a good opportunity for them to meet everyone and not have to walk soo far! 

If everyone parks to the far right of the lansdown park and ride rather than by the club house, so i can lead the walk from that side and we can all meet in one place. 

We will take a shot walk across the playing feilds where we can lay down our picnic blankets and let the sausages have a play! 

Please bring a blanket and a picnic if you would like to join in ,but if not then you are welcome to just come along for the walk and social. 

Please feel free to bring a doggie picnic too! 

lets hope its a nice day for us!


Meeting Point Address 

Lansdown Park and Ride, Bath  Ba19bj

Please ring me if you are unsure of where it is so i can give you directions.  


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Sausage Dog Club July meet

Due to me being on holiday at the beginning of the month i had to postpone to the 16th so sorry if that caused any confusion. 

This months walk is a new one we haven't done before and is at manor road community woodlands . You can get to the Manor Road woodland directly from Manor road between Keynsham and Saltford you can enter the road from either side and the woodland is right in the middle.

I would suggest if you are coming from bath taking the left turning to grange road off the a4, which is the first turning on your left after manor road in saltford (opposite the shops nest to the old crown pub). You will enter a small houseing estate, follow the road to the end till you meet manor road and take the small lane to your right which is where manor road continues. Follow the road till you come back out into a residential area and there should be a football pitch to your left and a road called hurn lane opposite. You will have already pasted the entrance to the woodlands on either side before you get to that area to park and meet. There is no designated car park, so when you are parking please concider that it is a residential area and respect the needs of local residents.please try and spead out your parking along the road. If we then meet on the grass area by the football pitch so we are not all in the road. 

.The terrain is level and most paths are grass. There are hard surfaced paths in some areas but still wear wellies or walking boots as we have had some rain. The whole walk will take about an hour. 

Sorry its a last min destination but hopefully we will see lots of you there! 

Fingers and paws crossed for good weather any questions about the location please give me a ring before sat. 

L.F&R xxx

location address - South east of Keynsham, Bristol. BS31 1PY

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Sausage Dog Club June Meet!

I thought for this months walk we would revisit the walk to southstoke and manor farm, seen as the weather was soo awful when we did the walk in November. I have made the walk slightly longer this time, so it will be alot more challanging than our last few walks. The walk is about a 3mile round walk and there wil be hills to climb and uneven ground to cover in palces . However if you do have a young pup or elderly hound you can still join us for the first part of the walk, which is flat and then turn around at the millenium point and then meet us at the pub afterwards.

The walk starts on combe hay road which is just off the roundabout by Odddown park and ride, so iv suggested best place to park and meet would be in the actual park and ride (Park up and meet to the left of the main entrance) From there we can take a small walk round to where the walk begins. There will be a small walk at the beginning, crossing a road. The walk is a flat woodland walkto start with, that leads to a lovely view point overlooking the south stoke countryside.Then we take the path down into the bottom of the vally, over a stream and up the otherside. We then join a small country lane that will lead us the the wheatsheaf pup in combe hay. The wheatsheaf is dog friendly and has a nice big garden for us to sit out in if the weather is nice and grab a snack and drink. 

I do this walk quiet regulary and it all looks very pretty at the moment . Although the ground is dry i would suggest wearing sutiable footwear walking boots, trianers or wellies. 

As always any questions about the walk or how to get there please get in touch!

Meeting point- Odd down park and ride-  Bath BA2 2AL


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2:00 PM14:00

Sausage at Stowford!!!

For our next meet, i thought it might be nice to take the club on a little trip out of Bath and explor somewhere new for a change. The meet will be held at Stowford Manor Farm in whiltshire which is roughly a 20 min drive from Bath near Frome. 

I havnt been there for a long time , but their cream teas have been highly recomened and there are lovely grounds and a flat river walk there too. I will be visiting this sunday to plan the walk and see the area, so i will post full parking and walk details once iv visted.

We will be meeting for an afternoon walk at 2pm as their afternoon tea starts at 3pm so we can have a nice stroll and then head back to the main house for a cream tea. 

Hope we get some lovely sunshine again like last time! 

As always any questions ect please let me know and once iv been on sunday i will be able to give you a bit more info on the location. 

Looking forwards to seeing lots of you there! 

If people are traveling from Bath please do post on the page if you have spare car space so we can lift share. 

Thankyou x

Stowford Manor Farm
Wiltshire BA14 9LH


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11:00 AM11:00

Sausage Dog club 1st year Anniversary

To Celabrate the Sausage Dog Clubs first year aniversary i thought we should meet up where it all started.

As some of you already know i started the SDC meet ups in Royal Vistoria park just infront of the crecsent every Friday. I started up the club with just one sausage which then turned to 6 and has grown and grown each month with over 80 different dachshunds having visited over the year. 

We will meet in front of the Royal Cresent and then take a walk round the park and over to the Botanical gardens. It will be a very short walk and more about haveing a little socail and letting the sausages have a play. Just wanted to let you all know for those of you wanting or expecting a bigger walk. 

If the weather is good we can walk back up to the Marlborough Tavern garden, where we can have a drink or food if you wish. 

Be really good to get as many sausages as we can there to celabrate with us. I will be arranging a photographer to join us, to get some great group photos of all Daxies in action too!

As always an questions about the location, parking ect please feel free to get in touch im more than happy to help. 


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11:00 AM11:00

Sausage Dog Club March Meet

For our next meet will be walking at Oddown playing fields. 

With most of the fields so muddy at the moment this is a great walk where there is still lots of grass. Its a nice flat walk for the little sausages to run wild, very little mud and parking is also very easy. 

Once you have parked up, meet to the right of the main entrance on the grass. The walk will last about 1hr long. 

Full address : 

Odd Down Sports Ground
Chelwood Drive

We till 10 minuets past the hour for everyone to arrive and then we set off on the walk so if you are running late or lost please ring me. 

Any other questions about the meet or location please feel free to get in touch. 

looking forwards to seeing you all on the 6th! 


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