About me

Dogs have played an important part in my life. 
They have been a part of my family for as long as i can remember. Having grown up in a family of dog lovers it was only natural for me to be a bit dog mad.

My childhood memories are full of playing in the fields and walking our dogs in the countryside that surrounded us. This is where i am at one with the world and in complete bliss, with my wellies on and dogs at my side.

Our family have had several dogs over the years that were loving companions and important members of our family. Our dogs ranged from a German Shepard , spaniels, to terriers and i am now a very proud owner of my Boxer Tonga and a Miniature Wire haired Dachshund called Frank.
I am a self confessed "crazy dog lady" and if i could have 10 more i would which is why i created HOUNDBOUND.

Having trained and worked previously as a makeup artist my lifestyle didn't allow me to have a canine companion. I always felt incomplete without having the comfort of my own dog, a walking buddy and a friendly face to greet me when i got home.

In 2013 I decided it was time to welcome a gorgeous little 8 week old boxer pup into my home. As a complete novice to the breed she has put me through my paces and has not been without its challenges. I have worked very hard with her training which has taught me so much. Since having Tonga it has sparked a determination to learn more about how to live, love and care for these animals.  

I have become completely fascinated with these creatures and continue to develop my knowledge on their history, nutrition, behavior, and body language to help me understand them more. I have attended seminars and talks on the subjects and i am currently volunteering with APDT trainers at Bath Dog Training Club.

Over the past 2 years I have volunteered dog walking, helped out at a groomers and fostered dogs for a local Charity to gain as much experience as i could . I then startedworking part time for a pet care franchise where iopened up my home to many different types of breeds and characters of dogs.

I never found it very easy leaving Tonga before i got Frank so i understand the worries and concerns people go through when having to leave their beloved dogs. So i started to develop the idea of creating a small and professional but personal Canine Care service. The idea soon became a reality when i launched "HOUNDBOUND" a phrase i often use when i have my hands full with dogs. Since setting uphoundbound i have had the pleasure of looking after some really lovely dogs and meeting some great people too! I have built up anetwork of regular customers that continues to grow.

I am following a dream career and enjoying every minute of its journey.